Chipz is a decentralized betting platform looking to change the future of online gambling through smart  contracts & flash loans.

Set to launch as a sports betting platform that allows users to create their own sportsbooks. The bookmaker then allows players to bet on a predictive pair and earn fees from this staking.

No-Limits Betting

Chipz is a decentralized no-limits betting platform poised to launch in Q4 2021 that will allow you to place bets with $CHPZ tokens. $CHPZ tokens will be live on Uniswap starting August 6.

The Chipz betting platform will launch as a sports betting platform, and continue to evolve into a betting platform for any future event, be it esports or the price of Bitcoin, get ready to place your bets.

Our Leadership

Josh Thompson • CoFounder

Lifelong entrepreneur, and the serious business mind behind Chipz, Josh has founded several successful businesses in and around Michigan. His most recent venture, Climax Solar, a nation-wide solar company, is moving forward green energy in the country and bringing affordable energy solutions to many. He brings his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to the Chipz team, ensuring once we lift off we stay in flight.

Joshua Joab Garza • CoFounder

The Blockchain Gaming Guy, Joab successfully launched Tezotopia, an NFT-based RTS game on the Tezos blockchain. Founder of Outerslant Media and Gif.Games, Joab seeks to revolutionize the way games are played by incorporating the value of the blockchain and NFTs to create a truly unique experience for every player around the world. His insight into gamification, UX, and crypto will help set Chipz apart from the crowd.

Justin Lally • CMO

As a Member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Partner at White Lotus Holdings and crypto market maker, Justin Lally has been featured on MSNBC and numerous media outlets for his insight into crypto markets and the latest digital currency trends. Partaking in numerous coin launches, he brings his expertise in digital currency processing, marketing and digital assets.  He currently sits as an advisor for various companies in and out of the crypto sector, now as CMO of Chipz, bringing his wealth of knowledge and network to the table when it comes to exchange listings and strategic partnerships, to make Chipz a house hold name.

What's ahead for Chipz?

July/Aug •• Marketing efforts at full speed.

• Targeted Newsletters
• Concentrated PR Campaign
• AMAs on SatoshiStreetBets and ICOSpeaks
• Advisor DJ Lethal will wear Chipz apparel at Lollapalooza
• TJ Duckett promotional videos releases

August 6 •• $CHPZ will be listed on Uniswap

August/September •• Major CEX Listings will occur

Mid-August •• Chipz Drive, car racing NFT game is released

Mid-September •• Chipz to Testnet

Early October •• Chipz beta to Mainnet

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